Month: January 2015

Learning Painting with Gouache

EPSON MFP imageI’m on break for another week and have had the chance to experiment with gouache. Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. I’m finding it to be a more natural medium for me than transparent watercolor or oil.

I also had the chance to go to the zoo yesterday so I’m thinking of trying to paint some birds or animals.

Photomontages of John Stezaker

This week, we had an assignment to critique a professional photomontage.

A classmate shared collagework from John Stezaker and I discovered Stezaker’s Mask series.

From an interview: “They seem somehow more human than the rather blasé portraits from which they are made. They seem vulnerable and tragicomic. Why they fascinate me, I don’t know.”

And on his collage work as a whole:

“In the early 70s, when I made the decision to work within the horizons of already existent found images, it was in response to a sense of image glut- that there were already too many images in the world. I could not see a reason for adding to them. Rather I felt the important thing was to find a way of negotiating a path through this image multiplicity. The solution for me was collage.”