Storyboard a Classic – Adventures in Children’s Book Illustration

Here’s last week’s assignment for Children’s Book Illustration I. It was pretty fun.

It had to be very short, so I chose the Aesop’s Fable The Fox and the Crow. I added color to a few of the storyboards to suggest colors.





p.s. Here’s Jay Jay, a rescue bird where I work in Snohomish. Handsome bird.


  1. Very interesting to see your process. Do you work digitally or traditionally or combine the two? The drawing style for the animals looks like a vector drawing and complements the more sketch like qualities and water colour wash look of the background. Overall very evocative and a beautiful way to illustrate the fable.


    1. Thanks, dagger and brush. For this assignment, I mainly worked digitally. I use an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro and the program Procreate. This is the closest to work traditionally with a pencil that I’ve found. The Procreate people have recently made improvements to the app so that it’s also similar to drawing and painting in Photoshop.


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